Previous Owners Buy–Back Repossessed Homes at Present Market Value


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac directed to change policies relating to the sale of real estate owned (REO) properties in their current inventory by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The change requires real estate owned properties (REOs) to be sold to any qualified purchasers at the property’s fair market value.

Under the new policy foreclosed homeowners or a third-party purchasing on their behalf may do so at the value that applies to other purchasers. Prior to this change foreclosed homeowners or a third-party buying on owners behalf had to pay the entire amount owed on the mortgage.

This policy change is limited to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac existing single family REO inventory of approximately 121,000 properties. Property exclusion may apply on a case by case basis. The purchase of an REO property for the benefit of the previous owner must also still be intended for use by that owner as their principal place of residence.

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The Federal Housing Finance Agency regulates Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the 12 Federal Home Loan Banks. These government-sponsored enterprises provide more than $5.6 trillion in funding for the U.S. mortgage markets and financial institutions.

Their mission is to ensure that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Bank System are operating in a safe and sound manner so that they can serve as a reliable source of liquidity and funding for housing finance and community investment.

Source FHFA Media Release

Delayed Home Loans For Cash Buyers

icon_sellersGood news for cash homebuyers wanting to get home loans quickly after purchasing a home. You can get a cash-out refinance almost immediately, thanks to a little known Fannie Mae program. The delayed financing program allows all-cash homebuyers to refinance and take equity out as soon as they close on the home purchase.

That’s good news for homebuyers in all-cash purchases, many of which are investors or baby boomers trading down to more manageable homes. The delayed financing program gives them the option to take home even more cash while enjoying historically low interest rates on a conventional home loan.

The program comes with rules such as the sale must have been “arm’s length” (no parents selling to children), the owner can’t have more than 10 financed properties and there can’t be any other liens against the property. Why would a homeowner use the delayed financing program instead of waiting the six months to tap equity?

  • A property may be in such disrepair that a lender won’t underwrite it. With this program, a homebuyer can buy the property, make quick repairs and take money out of it before six months elapse.
  • The chain of buyers and sellers might have irreconcilable timing issues.
  • It can be used as a tactical advantage in a hot market. Many sellers would rather accept cash offers over those with a financing contingency, sometimes even when the cash offer is lower. The program allows homebuyers to present a cash offer, then replenish their liquidity once the deal is done.

Source: Mortgage Daily

Is Buying or Renting Right for You?

Homeownership builds wealth

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Homeownership is not for everyone, but it may be the best way for most working families to build long-term financial security and independence. Here are three simple ways homeownership builds financial security for you and your family.

  • Equity: The principal amount included in your monthly mortgage payments reduces the outstanding loan building equity you would not have from monthly rent payments.
  • Appreciation: While real estate markets may experience temporary downturns, homes typically appreciate in value. Over time your wealth grows as your home becomes more valuable.
  • Tax Savings: You build wealth when you have a mortgage because the Federal government allows a tax deduction for all the interest you pay on your mortgage. You build wealth by paying less in taxes each year you pay mortgage interest.

Which route is right for you? Ultimately, the answer depends on your financial situation, your future plans and the lifestyle you wish to live.

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The Markets

orra_housing-marketRates rebounded in the past week but stayed near their lows for the year. Freddie Mac announced that for the last week in October, 30-year fixed rates rose to 3.98% from 3.92% the week before. The average for 15-year loans increased to 3.13%. Adjustable rates were also higher, with the average for one-year adjustables moving to 2.43% and five-year adjustables increasing to 2.94%.

IS FHA Home Flipping Waiver About to End?

That’s an important question for buyers, sellers, investors and realty agents who’ve taken part in a nationwide wave of renovations and quick resale using Federal Housing Administration-backedOD_Blogger loans during the last four years.

The answer is yes — get your rehabs done soon. The federal agency whose policy change in 2010 made tens of thousands of quick flips possible — is about to shut down the program.

In an effort to stimulate repairs and sales in neighborhoods hard hit by the housing crisis and recession, FHA waived its standard prohibition against financing short-term house flips.

Under the waiver of the rule, you could buy a house, fix it up and resell it as quickly as possible to a buyer using an FHA residential loan — provided that you followed guidelines designed to protect consumers.

According to FHA estimates, about 102,000 homes have been renovated and resold using the waiver. The program has done its job, stimulated billions of dollars of investments, stabilized prices and provided homes for families who were often newcomers to ownership.

Even though the waiver program has functioned well, officials say, inherent dangers exist when there are no minimum ownership periods for flippers. Officials say it’s time to revert to the more restrictive anti-quick-flip rules that prevailed before the waiver:

The 90-day standard will come back into effect after Dec. 31.

Source: Ken Harney, The Nation’s Housing


How to Fix a Slow-Filling Toilet — Home 101

Lowe’s Home 101 experts, Joel and Courtney, show what to look for if you have a slow filling toilet tank.

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Home For Sale In Winter Springs Florida


New on market, desirable 4 bedroom pool home in Chelsea Woods Tuscawilla a residential community in the north east sector of Orlando. Tuscawilla a well established family neighborhood is considered one of Orlando’s top communities. Neighborhood features include highly rated schools, golf course, tennis courts, and walking trails, it is close to shopping professional centers and major highways.

Property is a single story ranch style home with 4 large bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, located in a quiet cul-de-sac. The main living area features a large family room with wood floors, wood burning fireplace and large French doors leading to the screened pool area. The large kitchen has custom counter tops and stainless steel appliances including a microwave.


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Oviedo Florida Important Roadway Bulletin

Oviedo Home Search

Public Works is installing sidewalk on the south side of Mitchell Hammock Road between SR 434 and Clara Lee Evans Way. Concrete will be poured today between 9:30am and noon. Therefore intermittent single lane closure on eastbound Mitchell Hammock Road will occur. Maintenance of traffic (MOT) will be in place.  

As always, If you are driving in the area please be aware of your surroundings and traffic. Thank you!

Seminole County FL – Home Buyer’s Resource

OD_BloggerResidential Solid Waste Management ……..

Seminole County provides collection, recycling and disposal services for residential solid waste throughout the unincorporated area of the county. These services are funded by assessments collected annually via property tax bills. The annual assessment for collection and disposal services is billed in advance of the service calendar year.

Collection and recycling services are provided through contracted service providers [referred to as “Haulers”]; disposal services are provided at facilities owned and operated by Seminole County.

The Solid Waste Management Division of the Department of Environmental Services provides management of collection service contracts and the day-to-day operation of the disposal facilities. For collection & disposal related information and customer service, contact:

The Department of Resource Management facilitates the financial management of these services, including the levy of assessments and service option record management. For service rates, service options, and other assessment related information and customer service, contact:

Collection services for New Residential Dwellings begin when the construction is completed and a certificate of occupancy issued. Specific collection days and routes are established for each area of the county.

Depending on the route assignment, household garbage is collected either Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday for service options that include two collection days per week. For options with one collection day per week, collection is either Thursday or Friday. Yard Waste collection is Wednesday for customers with service Options 1 or 3. Recycling collection day varies throughout the County.

For more information visit
call 407-665-2260.

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